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We're back ! Thank you for visiting our website. We are all about speedsailing and measuring it accurately. The LocoSys GT-31 and the new GW-52 have been designed to measure your speed across the water with to the highest possible levels of accuracy. With 1 second GPS data recording backed up with Doppler speed measurements there is no better GPS device. Speedsailing is not always about 45+ knots on glass flat water in a force 8. It's also about competing with friends on your local lake to see who is the fastest today, on your very own choppy stretch of water. The GT-31 and the new GW-52 are the recognised GPS data logging device for speedailing records as used in Weymouth Speed Week and Luderitz Speed Challenge. Thank you for visiting

GW 52 GPS Data Logger

Following from the success of the GT-31 GPS data logger the NEW GW-52 is coming very soon. GPS-SPEED.co.uk will be one of a select few online stores selling this great new GPS data logging device. What makes us different is that we actually use this product. Please support a business with a direct interest in Windsurfing

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Buy from the GPS Experts

Tristan Haskins is the person behind GPS-SPEED.co.uk. Not only do we sell these GPS data logging products but we have first hand knowledge and experience using them. We started selling GPS units for windsurf and kiteboard speed records in 2008. We have sold everything from Garmin Foretrex 201 to GT-31

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Break New Records

This new GW-52 GPS from Locosys has been designed with our sport in mind. Unfortunately it is not 100% waterproof so it still needs to be housed in an AquaPac or similar waterproof protective case. The speed resolution of the GW-52 is even better than GT31. It comes with the Speed Genie function specifically for speedsailing.

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